case study !! 6 writings of 150 words

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In order to ensure that you are truly grasping the assigned readings, each week students are required to submit (approximately) a 150 word essay on:

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  1. Each of two chapter Case Study Essay questions.
  2. Each of two chapter Review Essay questions.

Since this is an introductory course in business & management, I do not expect students to submit elaborate essay responses. However, I do expect you to follow all of the (critical thinking and writing rubric) guidelines provided and to make an honest attempt at responding to a question to the best of your ability. In general, responses are expected to be (approximately) 10 to 12 sentences in length. Please realize that I can clearly tell when students just throw an answer together at the last minute so please take proper care in preparing your answer.

Case Study assignments and Essay Question assignments will be graded manually using the attached rubrics, within 7 days of due date. Writing skills will be evaluated using the attached Writing rubric, and Critical Thinking skills will be evaluated using the attached Critical Thinking rubric. The professor may choose to send back the assignments with notations and comments using the assignment submission box. Thus, it is students’ responsibility to download the assignment submission after they have been graded in order to review any comments and recommendations the professor may have given.

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