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This paper have 2 portion to do… (2-3 pages, no abstract, Conclusion, or introduction)

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Step 2 is what I have to do (evaluate n select strategies. Only use 1 of the following methods, I decide to go with “SWOT analysis-Strenghth, Weaknesses, Opportunities, etc. Some other pics are some info you may need for the “SWOT” some info are from the book

we used in class and also a link to help

2nd picture is how she want it to be in the paper, exactly like that EXHIBIT internal/external analysis.

****1st pic with hightlight, top left have info on how to get to the financial statement on that particular private business

2nd pic with highlight is the financial statement, where you see my name under profitability & return on investment section, my focus is on the two dotted under is what I focus on (like equity, ratio)

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