Chapter Review and Reader Questions

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Chapter 9 Review

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  1. Explain the primary research sources for writing assignments.
  2. Describe how to prepare, conduct, and process interviews of experts in researching debate issues.
  3. Determine which secondary research materials will best suit your needs in researching different sides of an argument.
  4. Explain how to locate print, electronic, and online research sources.
  5. Explain how to compile a working bibliography.
  6. Explain how to evaluate research sources.
  7. Describe how and when to summarize and how and when to quote secondary sources.
  8. Explain how to avoid plagiarism.
  9. Recognize and explain the difference between MLA and APA documentation styles.

Chapter 9 Reader Questions: “Let Them Eat Dog”

“Let Them Eat Dog” by Jonathan Safran Foer

  1. Write a few notes on each the following categories, then determine if the source is credible or not.
  1. Domain address
  2. Author of the article
  3. Identity of the organization
  4. Date of posting
  5. Quality of references
  6. Quality of material
  7. Intended use
  1. Write a summary of at least 250 words.
  2. Write one paraphrase from the article. Remember that a paraphrase attributes the author. Just because you’ve rewritten the ideas in your own words, they are still the author’s ideas.
  3. Pick out one quote that you could potentially use in the summary in #2 and integrate it with your own words to offer context and attribution.

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