Choose a cultural space that you are interested in learning more about.

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Choose a cultural space that you are interested in learning more
about. Visit the space you have chosen several times and observe how
people behave and interact in the space.

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First, define the
space and explain how it constitutes a cultural space.

Then focus on one
or two aspects of nonverbal communication (e.g. eye-contact, personal space, or
physical appearance). Explain how the nonverbal behavior is demonstrated in the
space and identify the nonverbal rules that govern behavior in the space.

Finally, answer
the following. Can we generalize about nonverbal rules in cultural spaces? What
factors influence whether an individual follows unspoken rules of behavior?

In 1 page
answer the prompt from the Cultural Space Activity. Submit your
assignment entering it into the text box or upload your document.

Be sure to
support your explanation using key vocabulary, incorporation of key concepts
and your own personal examples. Feel free to incorporate links, images,
and other media to support your journal.


& Differences of verbal and nonverbal communication

variations in nonverbal behavior






·eye contact






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