CIS222 DB 2

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 1 page apa format cite sources 

Unit 2 DB: Threats

The PCS working group has been a smashing success and the team members have already formed better inter-department communications. The customer Security Director from the Istanbogus Ministry of Defense has requested a threat briefing explaining the top risks to his new system. As the CISO you have your ideas but would like to get the opinion of the working group members. Describe at least three different categories (human and non-human) of threats from your Unit research. Explain how each category presents risk to information systems. Make a case for the top threat to the missile defense system for each category and give an example of how that threat might be realized in a real compromise of the system. Discuss some of the factors that play into the assessment of system threats. Include at least one research reference and associated in-text citation using APA standards. In your replies to your peers discuss the other described threats and if you feel they are greater or lesser risks to the system.

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