Clinical Psychology Applied Final Project

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Think about your responses to the Jungian Type Test and to the Big Five test. Consider a) The “Mental Illness” box for your psychological type, which you investigated in our Week 3 Discussion and b) Your results after taking the Big Five test, especially details of the Neuroticism Scale. Given that information you should discuss a personal problem you have had in your life, relating relevant aspects of these tests to it. If you do not want to use your personal experiences, you may also use an actual acquaintance. In that case you must require the person to take these two tests. Also do not use the person’s real name.

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After having described the details of this problem (or problems) discuss in some detail how you think a clinical psychologist might best deal with them, given what you have learned in this course.

Also, consider and discuss a related track or tracks from

that you think may be relevant and helpful.

Finally, discuss what theoretical orientation a clinician might use would be a best fit and why that might be so (e.g., psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, etc. and a specific approach within your chosen psychotherapeutic theory). Explain in some detail why/how that specific approach might work for the specific disorders you have discussed above (Note that at times we all tend to have non-clinical hints of specific DSM type disorders (actually, If we sought a good clinician during those periods it would be likely to be highly beneficial).

This paper should be 6-8 pages and formatted in APA style.

Attached are my Jungian Type Test results, my Big Five Personality Test results, and the mental illness associated with my Jungian Personality Type. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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