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COM-30122 Company Profiles

Company A is a new start-up business in Austin, Texas. Company A consists of 10 employees.
Twenty percent of employees speak only Spanish, and 40 percent of employees are bilingual
(speaking both English and Spanish). The employees currently work out of the founder’s
vacation home. Company A maintains all of its files on paper in filing cabinets, and the manager
rarely finds it necessary to use technology. Company A often struggles with a lack of employee
availability, as most employees have families and second part-time jobs while they wait for
business to pick up at Company A. The sporadic work schedules call for employees to manage
their work and time with little direction from the chief executive officer. The company’s main
goal is to save money by gaining efficiencies in serving clients, rather than increasing prices.

Company B is a small, family-owned business near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Company B
currently has 42 employees, most of whom are French-speaking. The owner regularly hires
younger members of the family to help out part time during the busy season each summer. A
major strength of the company is its use of technology for fast-paced communication and
marketing techniques. The biggest struggle for Company B is competition with other local
businesses to attract tourists. Company B’s goal is to have a well-known presence in the
community and gain new customers who return to support the business year after year.

Company C is a Fortune 500 business in Shanghai, China. Company C currently has nearly 3,400
employees and serves more than 100,000 international clients. In order to gain clients, many
employees must travel several months per year. Although employees regularly work 50 to 60
hours per week, Company C struggles to answer the large volume of email that comes in every
day. This causes important emails to often get lost and go unanswered. Company C’s main goal
for this fiscal year is to increase revenue by 15% from last year.

COM-30122 Communication Plan and Interview Questions Document

Name: Fernando Merlina

Part One: Communication Plan

Before starting part one, read the Company Profiles located in the “Supporting Materials” section of the Project Instructions. Choose two companies to base your responses on for this section.

Your communication plan should explain how you will make changes to the company’s message for each target audience. Your goal is to use audience information to effectively communicate with each company. Unfortunately, you do not know which member(s) of the company will be receiving your message. Therefore, it is important to consider each company’s employees, values, and goals.

Be sure to explain the rationale behind your communication plan since you’ll be expected to email it to the hiring manager before your interview. Give enough guidance and explanation that the communication plan can speak for itself. You may not have a chance to formally present your plan or justify your choices. Use the company profiles to support your recommendations. Type your responses in the table provided.

Company 1: Company A

Company 2: Company B



Company 1

Company 2

Audience Information

Describe each audience.

For Company A, the audience in the business are more elder and Spanish speaking individuals. This audience tends to understand information via books, lectures, and/or readings. This audience stays away from technology, as they like to view their information in person and in writing.

For Company B, the audience in the business are French Speaking individuals who are relatively young, and mostly still in school as the owner likes to hire part time employees during busy season.

Identify the most important demographic information to use when targeting this audience in your communication.

The most important demographic information to use when targeting this audience for communication would be flyers, books, pamphlets, etc. This will allow the audience to have a visualization of the company and understanding its goal by providing them with the demographics that they are comfortable with.

The most important demographic information to use when targeting this audience for communication would be emails, text messages, zoom meetings, and power points.

This will allow the audience to save any information they would like to save, and would make them feel comfortable the way they receive the information for the company.


Explain what to consider when crafting an effective message for this audience.

I would consider providing the audience with several information regarding the environment and different way that we are able to protect it. I would also consider providing some information about how important it is for everyone to be a part of such a huge change, and how their help can make a difference.

I would consider providing some information regarding the environment, and how our technology can help us take care of our planet. I would also consider providing some interesting and helpful videos, demonstrating different techniques that can be used to save our planet.

Explain why these considerations are important. Use information about each audience to support your answer.

These considerations are very important because this will be the way we attract our audience. If we can provide this information and let them know how much of a big change they will make, we are more than certain they will be on board. Also, since this audience focus is to serve clients rather than price increase, they will be able to visualize that protecting the environment is just as important.

These considerations are very important for this audience. By providing information on how our environment can be saved, it will give them an opportunity to develop a plan using the technology available. Also, this will not only help the environment, but it can also be beneficial to the company in order to gain new customers who would like to return the following year and support the business.


Recommend changes that would make each message more effective for the target audience.

I would recommend changes such as, more available employees, having a chief executive officer who will be able to coordinate schedules and work volume, and save money and receive new clients into the business with no huge loss.

I would recommend changes such as, translation services to work with different customers and be able to communicate with many more different groups. Hire full time workers to employees to be fully aware of the job description in the busy season, this way we will be able to save time and money on training. I would also recommend changes in the industry as we will be able to provide more commercials and opportunity for growth, and we will be able to see new customers who will definitely return to the business.

Explain why your recommendations would make the message more effective for each audience. Use audience information to support your answer.

My recommendations would make the message more effective because they are explaining things that the company is currently missing. The company would be able to work more efficiently and be able to gain just what they are looking for.

My recommendations would make the message more effective because with a translation service, the company is able to expand their audience which will be beneficial to the company. By hiring full time workers, the company will have more coverage which will also expand the companies productivity.

Delivery Method

Recommend the best delivery methods for each audience.

The best delivery method for this audience would be manuscript.

The best delivery method for this audience would be impromptu, in which will be organized and submitted via email to the corporation.

Explain why you chose this method for each audience. Use the audience information to support your explanation.

I chose this method for this audience so that they can have all the information written and provided to them personally. We are sure that this is best delivery method.

I chose this method for this audience, since the information will be organized, it can be delivered via email. The audience will be able to go back to the information whenever possible.

Part Two: Interview Questions

Once you finish your communication plan, move on to part two. LivingPlanet provided you some interview topics to prepare for your in-person interview. Using your communication plan from part one, address the following questions to prepare for your interview.

Type your responses in the text boxes provided.

1. Explain how the targeted messages may reach unintended audiences.

The targeted messages may reach unintended audiences simply because other audiences might be interested in the topic. It does not necessarily mean that will affect the company itself, but the organization will have more of a flexibility when it comes to the topic and will be able to elaborate more to different other audiences.

2. Describe how the content of each targeted message—language, context, tone, and voice—can change the effectiveness of the message.

The content of each targeted message can change the effectiveness of the message depending on your audience. If you are speaking to a younger crowd, you might have to use languages, tone, and voice different than you might use with an older crowd. If you do, then you might lose the audience retention when delivering your message.

3. Discuss the potential issues that could arise as a result of delivering each targeted message. For example, consider the legal, ethical, or cultural issues.

The potential issues that could arise because of delivering each targeted message comes with the information provided in the message. You need to make sure that the message is being delivered in a broad way, and not focus on a specific group. For example, you might need to address education, ethnicity, and religion in an equal way so that there are no miscommunication.

4. Share a real-world example of a person or company that adapted a message for a diverse audience.

I once worked in a company in which the manager had a meeting with its employees. The meeting was intended to discuss Christmas decorations in the office, in which they were all planning on decorating for the holidays. Some of the employees did not feel comfortable with this decision, as they did not believe in the holiday which also made them feel apart from the group. The manager had discussed the situation with the corporation and decided that no decorations would be placed as a company, but the employees were able to decorate themselves in their own work area.

5. Analyze the strategies that were used in the real-world example and discuss whether they were effective.

Strategies were definitely used in the real-world example, as the manager was able to come up with a resolution to not only eliminate the entire holiday but provide each employee with an opportunity to celebrate their own beliefs. I truly believe that the resolution of the real-world example was handled appropriately.


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