Common Core Presentation #2

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Core Presentation

In the Common Core State Standards discussion for Week Two, you describe the
foundation of CCSS and
discuss how CCSS can be used to influence the use of technology-enhanced
instructional strategies to support the needs of all learners. Here, you
continue the discussion on CCSS, but from the perspective of linking report
cards to the CCSS. It is common to think about how creating report cards that
are linked to CCSS will define expectations for student learning, communicate
student progress to parents, provides a consistent approach to assessment
evaluations, and focuses on academic achievement. As needed, review the Hunt Institute video, which covers the history
and development of the CCSS.

For this discussion, you will adopt the role of a school leader and create a
digital presentation using the software of your choice (e.g., PowerPointPresent.meYouTubePreziJingSlideRocket,
or another program). Your audience for this presentation can be either a school
board or a stakeholder directly in the school setting, such as teachers, other
staff, or students. If you use software other than PowerPoint, submit notes for
each slide as part of your post. If you use PowerPoint, be sure to include
notes for each talking point on slides in the notes section for each slide. The
presentation needs to be six to eight slides, excluding the title and
references slides, and cite at least one scholarly source in addition to the
required resources for this week. 

Ensure that your presentation:

  • Explains the purpose of CCSS.
  • Explains how the CCSS are used within a school for
    teaching and learning. 
  • Justifies why creating report cards based on the CCSS
    is important in the school or district (depending on the role you chose to
    take as noted in the initial post directions above). 
  • Summarizes your understanding of how embedding
    evidence-based assessment in the curriculum can help guide teachers and
    learners in decision making.

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