Compare and Connect Two Articles and Answering the Questions

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Question: Both Michael Moss’s ” The extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food” and Tim Wu’s “Father and Son” offer close up looks at the leaders of large business corporations. While the executives and presidents portrayed by Moss work for long-established traditional businesses and those who appear in Wu…(as appear in the prompt below) For this paper, combine evidence from both readings to answer the following for Prompt: Why is it difficult to be the leader of a large business?

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Write two pages(650-700 words)and should be included:

1. A clear, arguable thesis in the introduction paragraph.

2. Three Topic sentences that reflect the thesis in three body paragraph.

3. Each body paragraph should contain two quotes, one quote from one reading and one from the other.

4. Introducing the quote first and explain it. Then, find out if the connections between two quotes from two authors.( It could be similarities or contradictions). Then, make own arguments according to the topic sentence.…This the the link for Moss’s reading.And the other one I will send it to you in the chat box

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