Comparing Markets step #4

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Assemble final written report (Approximately 1500 words)

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you sit down to write your paper, you may first want to spend some time
pondering what you think we can learn sociologically about our local
community — and the way it is impacted by globalization — from this
comparison of these different grocery in our region.

In this final report you will be assembling information from the previous three steps
of the assignment into a single, narrative description of your research
project. The report should begin with a summary section where you
describe what you observed and identify the ways that the two food
markets are both similar and different from one another. In the next
section you should interpret your observations and try to link your
observations to relevant sociological concepts that we have learned
about throughout the course.

Your final report should be labeled and organized in the following format:

Summary: Provide a detailed description of each location referencing the guiding questions provided in Step 2
of the assignment. Use your field notes to support your descriptions.
Limit this section to observable phenomena – things that you saw during
your visit.

Social/Neighborhood Context: For
each location provide information about the social context. Where is
this store located? Who does it serve? Use the data/information you
gathered in Step 3 of this assignment to describe
important aspects of the surrounding neighborhood and its inhabitants,
i.e., their racial/ethnic breakdown, the foreign-born population, the
median annual income, etc.

Interpretation: In
this section, compare and contrast your observations of the two
markets. Among other things, you should think about whether and how your
actual observations differed from your initial predictions. You should
apply sociological concepts that we’ve learned about in this class —
both from our textbook and from your review of sociological journal
articles — to help make sense of your observations. Each time you
reference a sociological concept (like, for example,
cultural diffusion, industrial food system, cultural anchors, or
transnational corporations), italicize that term in the text.

Conclusions: What are the most important things you learned through this exercise in “doing sociology”? What does this research tell you about globalization in our metropolitan region?
sure that your paper cites the sources you use accurately using ASA
citation format, as described in this Quick Tips for ASA Style document
(also found here,… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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