Complete 3 Social Work Masters Level Discussion Posts

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Organizational Assessment


Assessment occurs on all levels of intervention from individuals and families for groups, organizations, and communities. Krogsrud Miley, O’Melia, and Dubois (2017) provided insight and tools to conduct organizational assessments in Chapter 10.

Complete the following for this discussion question:

  1. Consider an agency in which you are currently working, for which you have volunteered, for which you have previously worked, or a potential field placement agency.
  2. Complete the Ecosystems Assessment Framework for your chosen agency to help complete this discussion
    • Provide a pseudonym for the purpose of this discussion. Do not use the agency’s actual name.
    • Provide a brief summary for each section, including the following: focal system, structural dimensions, interactional dimensions, biopsychosocial dimensions, cultural dimensions, spiritual dimensions, outside the system, connections, and movement through time.


HIPAA in Action: Situation 1

Imagine you are working as a clinical social worker. You receive a phone call from an attorney stating they are representing a client in a divorce case. The attorney’s client is married to one of your clients. The attorney requests a copy of your client’s file. The attorney mentions they have, or can get, a subpoena for the file. The attorney wants you to fax over a copy right away.

For this discussion, answer the following:

  • What actions would you take?
  • What specific aspects of HIPAA apply?
  • Assume you are presented with a subpoena for a client’s file; how would you respond?
  • How does the principle of minimum necessary inform your response?


HIPAA in Action: Situation 2

Imagine an attorney contacts you and informs you she is the prosecuting attorney in a case where your client was a victim. She is requesting a copy of the client’s file. What would you do? What HIPAA guidelines apply?

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