Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Problems that Prevail in Any Marriage Relationship.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Problems that Prevail in Any Marriage Relationship. An integrative solution is one technique, which has been applied for decades in resolving spouse conflicts. The paper looks at to what extent it permeates conclusive resolutions.

Mitchell, Bullard, and Mudd (1962) researched various areas that generate conflicts within families providing important findings. According to the research, two eminent problems prevail in any marriage relationship. Conceivably, these problems continue to pass from generation to generation, raising important questions on the existing resolution mechanisms. Evidently, it is not clear whether people give up on their marriage or lack appropriate mechanisms to resolve their differences. However, the fact remains that the increasing number of separation and divorce scenarios demonstrates failures. According to Mitchell, Bullard, and Mudd (1962, 96), the extent to which husbands agree with their wives was a key question in the study. Contrary to expectations, the problem field extends to a large area. Based on the research, the marriage problems range from economic, socio-biographical, parental relationships, and personal factors contributing. For example, the education and attitude of any partner dictate how he reacts to a given situation. Couples with limited education participate less in any sensible talks and would rather resort to separation or divorce. The same scenario applies to people with advanced education who find it inevitable to engage their partners amicably. As a result, many couples end up taking courts as their only solution. In the same light, materialistic pressures and fear of transition into husband and wives have threatened the existence of proper marriages based on Mitchell, Bullard, and Mudd studies. From this perspective, cultural implications also reign in marriage conflicts hence making an integral marriage resolution factor. In&nbsp.essence, marriage is a continuous process that requires input, attention, and, most importantly, recognition of conflict resolution elements.

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