Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Racial Stereotypes in Television and Film Media.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Racial Stereotypes in Television and Film Media. Within contemporary times, it is without question that a general improvement has taken place with regards to the content and ranges of social issues that media, specifically television, has sought to engage. Yet, before delving directly into whether or not race is portrayed fairly, ethically, or reasonably, it must first be noted that media, whether television or some other form, only exists as a means of serving as a platform for selling products or services. Within such an understanding, analyzing the actual content of the show was, documentaries, or films is actually secondary to understanding the way in which product placement and services are represented to an increasingly diverse demographic. Whether an individual is watching a rerun of the Cosby show, primetime news, or another form of the television show, the invariable fact is that approximately 3 times in 30 minutes a commercial break takes place. Within this commercial break, the reader would do well to pay close attention to what types of people are represented. In order to sell the products and services, firms engage middle-aged, normally attractive, white models. This helps to underscore the inherent level of racism and the interpretation of personal worth in society.

In terms of the portrayal of different racial or ethnic groups within television and film media, it can be noted that strong stereotypes continue to pervade the system. Invariably, when one considers a film or&nbsp.television show that features a Latino American, or an individual of Hispanic origin, they are represented in terms of the most base and crass stereotypes. invariably involving mustaches, mariachi music, traditional clothing, sick accents, and a smattering of other offensive stereotypes (Mastro & Tukachinsky, 2011). For those individuals that have resided in the United States for a longer period of time, namely African-Americans, the representation of stereotypes is more oblique. For instance, a clear and definitive level of comparison and contrast exists between television and film as they represent the black middle class as compared to the “other” blacks.&nbsp.

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