Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Civil Engineering: Bridge Project Plan.

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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Civil Engineering: Bridge Project Plan. Cooperation is the only organization that has been given the mandate to distribute and control water and electricity in the State. It was formally formed in 2000 by the government of Qatar to streamline the distribution and transmission of both water and electricity. The cooperation is well-formed under the requirements of HSE (Health Safety and Environment standards) HSE is a requirement by ISO 19001. The cooperation is an independent body that deals with the demand for water and electricity and the quality of water supplied in Qatar. Some of the goals of KAHRAMAA are to formulate water and power agreements, to support desalination, building and managing and operating satisfaction distribution and transmission network and to enforce regulations of layout, putting standards and necessary codes of practices for buildings and construction facilities. In addition, KAHRAMAA is a commercial enterprise and it aims at meeting water and electricity needs in Qatar (Malki, 2008).

For many years I have been very much interested in engineering and specifically civil engineering. After winning the sponsorship by KAHRAMAA, I felt that my dream comes true. My interest is in the design, construction of roads bridges, tunnels, and infrastructure. I have majored in these subjects because their skills will help me in taking part in the development of fundamentals of a renaissance in both national and international forums. The subjects that I have majored in will help me increase my knowledge of international requirements in tunnels, roads, bridges, and designs. These standards are important as they ensure that all the roads, bridges, and tunnels build are of the best quality and standards.

I study my engineering course at the University of Bath that is located in Liverpool City in the United Kingdom. Many people dont understand why I selected the LJMU (Liverpool John Moores University) rather than the University of Bath. However, their main worry is answered by the differences and similarities between the two universities.

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