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1.Read CH.14 and answer question between 200-210 words

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We think of the “traditional family” as husband, wife, and two kids, with the wife staying home to raise the kids. Yet, this family pattern has not been the norm for most societies or for most of U.S. history. Why do we call this the traditional family? What benefits and costs are associated with this type of family?

2.Read ch.14 and respond back to post below between 200-210 words

I believe that this is just a way of describing a family from the beginning of time up until around the 1980’s when more women were working to help provide for the family. The word ‘traditional’ means to me that the Father goes to work and the Mother is a stay at home Mom. I was born into a very traditional family style where my Mom was a stay at home Mom because we could afford that. My Father made a great living but I also know that if we were struggling with finances that my Mom would have found a job to help out. The benefit of a traditional family like described here is that daycare is not needed but at the same time the costs of having only one working in the household is that money could be a little tighter. In today’s world it takes two incomes to even have a simple life. Years ago, a dollar could go a lot longer way than now.

Also, in today’s traditional household, the Mother may be the one going to work and the Father being a stay at home Father which I think is perfectly fine if it fits the family’s world. There may also be a two Mother household or a two Father household. It’s just that times have changed in what people really think ‘traditional’ means.

3.Read ch.15 and answer DQ question below between 200-210 words

  • Think about who makes decisions and rules in society. Do you agree with Mills and Domhoff that there is a power-elite behind the scenes, or do you think we all have an equal say in government policy? How does the idea of a power-elite mesh or conflict with our ideas of democracy?

4. .Read ch.17 and respond back to post below between 200-210 words

“Democracy and representative democracy is a form of government that strives to provide all citizens with an equal voice, or vote, in determining state policy regardless of their level of socioeconomic status”(Rice University 2015) I like the way that the definition is stated in our textbook especially if you compare it to some of the other types of government around the world. I can not even begin to imagine how hard it was to live in Germany between 1933 to 1945 when Hitler’s Nazi Government was in control with its dictatorship. And all of the people he killed during the Holocaust, approximately 6 million Jews that were genocided, it truly was a nightmare. The other form of dictator style government was run by Saddam Hussein from July 1979 to April 2003 and was actually a mix of Arab nationalism and socialism.(March 2011).

I am so glad that I live in America and will remain living in America. I know that some people do not like the way our government is run and they do not like who is President now, but if you actually stop and think about it, things can and could always be worse. It’s almost the 4th of July. We need to remember what freedom is all about and take pride in what we have.

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