Complete Lesson 3 Primary Source History Paper Documents and Artifacts from Shays’ Rebellion 1786-87:

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Choose and Read any 2 of the following (2 documents from the same collection are acceptable):

Write a 500 word essay citing the primary sources and Hine & Faragher at least 5 times. Cite at least two primary sourcesand Hine & Faragher. In your essay, think back to the readings from Hine & Faragher. The Primary Source essay is less formal than the Textbook Essay. You have some freedom with the Primary Source essay in that you may write in the first person if you would like. You may choose to write in a reflective manner as well. Think along these lines:

  • Where do the primary sources help you understand the Hine & Faragher text better?
  • How do the primary sources help you understand the people who wrote them?
  • How do the primary sources fit with what you understood of the History of this period before reading the sources?
  • Do they support what you have long thought regarding the period?
  • Do they challenge your views of the period?
  • Do they make you aware of things you had never heard of?
  • What surprises you in the primary sources?

Conversely, you may write in a scientific fashion, thinking along these lines:

  • Who are the authors?
  • What are the authors’ arguments?
  • What are the authors’ audiences?
  • Why did the authors produce the sources? What is going on in their worlds to prompt the sources’ production?
  • What were the primary sources’ effects on the world?
  • Why do the primary sources matter?
  • How do your primary sources bolster an argument in favor of one of your own theological, political, social, etc., theory
  • How do your primary sources support or refute Hine & Faragher.

Identify your chosen primary sources clearly so that I can find them. If they are from an outside source, be sure to include a link at the bottom of the essay.

Citations can be simple parenthetical citations. I simply need to be able to find what you are citing. For example:

  • (Hine & Faragher, 17)
  • (de las Casas, A Short Account, 2)
  • (Cortés, Letter)

If you are citing outside sources that I have not assigned, please provide a link at the bottom of the page, along with a title that matches the citation.

Always quote any words that are taken verbatim from Hine & Faragher or anyone else in order to prevent plagiarism. Citations gowithin the essay immediately after the sentence they support. Using the example from the Textbook Essay instructions, I might say:

  • The Civil War had a dramatic effect on the West in many ways, including an outward migration of African Americans from the South. (Hine & Faragher, 370-373) For example, Hine & Faragher describe “yet another mass exodus to the western promised land” in 1879 when free black Americans moved to western lands. (Hine & Faragher, 370-371)


  • 500 words
  • Cite the primary sources and Hine & Faragher at least 5 times.
  • Cite at least 2 different primary sources, unless the instructions specifically state that one primary source will beenough.(This occasionally happens in lessons with longer primary sources.)
  • Identify your chosen primary sources clearly so that I can find them.

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