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Compose a 1750 words assignment on risky and safety management: technol construction limited, tcl. Needs to be plagiarism free! Technol Construction Limited, TCL, has been awarded a mega project tender to construct the West Island Line, which is approximately a 4-kilometer alignment to extend the Island Line from the new Kennedy Town Station to the Sheung Wan Station. Most of the station boxes, adits, and East Island Line tunnels will have to be excavated in the rock underlying the city of Hong Kong. In estimation, about 500,000 square meters of rock will have to be excavated. The most effective way of extracting this amount of rock is through blasting. As such, TCL will require explosives, particularly dynamite, to blast the rock and enable the construction of the station boxes, adits, and underground tunnels. The 4-kilometer stretch will require a magazine, otherwise known as an Explosive Storage Magazine, to house the tons of explosives required. At the magazine, detonators, boosters, and explosives will be stored before being transported to the blasting areas. This is the storage stage in the supply chain of the explosives required for the project.

A preliminary vulnerability risk assessment is necessary for that it will highlight the potential weaknesses in the storage of the dynamite explosives in the magazine as well as the transportation of the explosives between the magazine and blasting sites. In so doing, it will be possible to identify two critical things. one, that TCL is within the safety, risk, and environmental legislations of Hong Kong, and more importantly, the ways through which potential weaknesses threaten the mega project can be neutralized. In doing this, the preliminary vulnerability assessment will analyze the magazine (storage), road and tunnel (transport), and blasting sites since they make up the threat environment within which the explosives will operate. From the assessment, it will be possible to reveal potential threat channels and in it acquire openness that will enable us to devise safety and precautionary measures to ensure the success of our mega project. This stage is necessary since it determines the approval or denial of the project proposal by the Hong Kong construction and explosives authorities.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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