Compose a 2000 words assignment on challenges and drawbacks of a non-traditional students. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 2000 words assignment on challenges and drawbacks of a non-traditional students. Needs to be plagiarism free! All of the students in the population received the survey packet used in this study and had the opportunity to participate in this study.


Two instruments are used in this study. The first instrument is the LPI-SeIf, second edition. As already discussed, the LPI-SeIf is developed to measure five leadership practices of exemplary leadership

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-Challenging the Process

-Inspiring a Shared Vision

-Enabling Others to Act

-Modeling the Way

-Encouraging the Heart

The second edition of the LPI-SeIf consists of 30 statements, six statements for measuring each of the five practices of exemplary leaders. Each statement has a point Likert scale (1 = almost never, 10 = almost always). Respondents are asked to use the Likert scale to indicate how often they practice the action described by the statement. Internal reliabilities as measured by Chronbach alpha for the LPI-SeIf range from 0.75 (Enabling) to 0.87 (Inspiring and Encouraging). These reliabilities have been tested in a variety of settings by other statistical researchers.

While LPIObserver (LPI- Observer) form is also offered to receive a true 360-degree evaluation of the individual, only the LPI-SeIf is used in this study. This decision to only use the LPI-SeIf in the study was made by the researcher due to logistical constraints and a desire for a greater return rate. While the internal reliability for the LPI-SeIf is slightly lower than that for the LPI-Observer, all of the factors are above the 0.75 level as measured by Chronbach alpha. There is no statistically significant difference (p &lt. 0.001) between the LPI-SeIf and LPI-Observer on Challenging the Process and Modeling the Way. A second demographic survey form is also developed that asks the participants questions concerning the following factors: age, gender, marital status, parenting status, and course load.


Firstly permission to use the LPI-SeIf free of charge for the purposes of this study was granted. With the help of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, a computer scannable demographic survey and LPI-SeIf survey were developed for the research, along with a cover letter.

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