Compose a 3000 words assignment on international relations today: concepts and applications. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 3000 words assignment on international relations today: concepts and applications. Needs to be plagiarism free! Here, the main emphasis has been given to the international news television channels as they are the prime carriers of such policies whereas entertainment, music, and movies channels have a very limited role for satisfying the objectives of national or foreign policy. In the following parts of this essay, the first news agenda has been highlighted. it is followed by the internationalization of national or individual agenda, localization of international agenda, safeguarding national interests, promoting national interests, cultural invasion, propaganda, and mass awareness.

This table highlights the presence of international news channels and their reach. Cable News Network (CNN) is a privately owned US news channel covering 38 countries in the international news scope. It is followed by British Broad Casting (BBC), which is a publically owned UK-based channel, is being watched in 37 countries across the world. Similarly, Russia Today (RT), Al Jazeera (English), and Euronews (English) reach 35, 33, and 33 countries respectively. In this regard, it is important to mention that these channels use English as their medium of broadcasting or medium of communication. At the same time, out of 38 countries, hardly are there a few countries where English is a national language spoken in all areas. In other words, these channels are hardly understood by everyone living in the mentioned or highlighted countries. Consequently, it can be deduced that these channels have not only one agenda, which is providing news to their subscribers, but have also other agendas that are pursued along with the stated media objectives.

The global news agenda remains highly effective as the mass media has become essential means of information about other countries (Herbert 50). Globally, getting and providing news have become a source of information for entertaining objectives. Within this context, it is important to mention that every news agency has both national and international news agenda which has been described as a structure of thinking about issues, values, policies, approaches, paradigms, and all those other factors that are highly essential for television viewers and targeted audience as well. more critically, news agenda has the ability to depict the wrong action in a correct way making it acceptable to watchers (Burton and Graeme 244).

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