Construction safety 5 200 word essays w/ ref 3 started and need reveiw

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Professor Henry,

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 I would Like your assistance.  I have started Questions 2,4 & 5 questions. 

For theses essays I need 2 citations minimum one from the text book Construction safety and the OSHA standards ( Link to scanned searchable PDF of the text book) (for this unit we are currently working out of Chapter 1: Cost of Accidents: Why Safety is Important and Chapter 3: Accident Causation Theories) and one outside source.



-Please review the 3 essays I have started; please make changes, corrections and/or rewrite as you see fit. 


-Question 1 I have not started.  I need a 200 word essay with the 2 references.. 

-Question 3  I have not started.  I need a 200 word essay with the 2 references.. 


I attached the word document to this posting Unit 2 Con SE help.docx with the essay’s and essay questions.  If you are having any issues viewing it please let me know. Please also let me know if you are unable to do this.

I have till Tuesday Sept. 4th to submit this but please try to have it done by next week sometime if possible… More to follow thanks again for your help.



Text book reference:

Goetsch, D. L. (2009). Construction safety and the osha

 standards. (p. 3). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: 

 Prentis Hall.




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