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As the industrial
revolution developed in the United States, traditional patterns of work were
disrupted and replaced by more ridged, structured, factory-based workplaces.
Apprentices who aspired to become masters in their fields found themselves
doing menial, repetitive tasks. Artisans who had once enjoyed economic
independence became wage workers. Many young women who would have woven cloth
on their family farms in previous generations became some of the first textile
mill workers. Working-class Americans resisted and adapted to these changes. In
what ways did they seek to maintain their older traditions of work and/or
improve the conditions of their new jobs? How successful were they? Write a 4
to 5-page paper that addresses the question posed above. In your response, be
sure to base your claims on materials read in the assigned readings (you do not
need to read additional sources for this assignment). All papers should be
stapled, follow standard grammar, punctuation and citation methods (MLA
preferred). Make sure to use in-text citations at the end of every paragraph.

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