CPT coding guidelines

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This week you will select one of the following outpatient services found in the CPT code book and explain the guidelines for that diagnosis. Choose one of the following services:

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  • Repair of a simple, intermediate, and complex laceration. Found in the Integumentary System in the Surgery section. (Explain the guidelines for all three.)
  • Repair of a fracture (there are three) and how they apply to orthopedic procedures. Found in the Musculoskeletal System chapter in the Surgery section. (Explain the guidelines for all three.)

Create a power point or Word document presentation that explains the coding guidelines and coding tips for the set of repairs you chose and include the following:

  • An overview of the guidelines and coding tips in your own words.
  • At least one flow chart, picture, or diagram.
  • Provide an example of what a code from each guideline would look like and give the code description provided for that code from the code book.
  • Proof read your presentation and make sure it is free from errors.

Be sure you look up all words you don’t understand. You will be graded on clarity of instruction, thoroughness of instruction, and creativity in making the guidelines you chose easy for a new coder to follow.


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