Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses 3d printing and the future of manufacturing.

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Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses 3d printing and the future of manufacturing. The technology has grown from rapid prototyping to the production of end-user products. The equipment uses composites, metals, polymers, or other powders to print arrange of functional components, layer by layer, including complex structures that cannot be manufactured by other means. It reduces cost by 90%. Its use can benefit a wide range of industries including automotive, metals manufacturing, defense, aerospace, consumer, products, and biomedical.

In recent years much different manufacturing world has become very passionate about 3D printing technology with some talking about the next industrial revolution. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process through which hundreds or thousands of material are printed layer upon another layer using a range of inks or some other materials most commonly polymers and metals. The manufacturers have been using an additive process for prototyping since the 1980s which seems to contrast with the outmoded subtractive manufacturing process based on the removal of materials to create products (Naboni & Paoletti, 2015). This paper review literature to evaluates what 3D printing means, identifies what’s special about 3D printing, analyses why the 3D printing technology is better than 2D printing, the potential risks and opportunities of using 3D technology, and the change and future manufacturing of 3D technology. With the increasing old age in western economies, growing global population, and increasing health care, and supper manufacturing industries demands, additive manufacturing and 3D printing present a compelling solution to respond to these ever-changing global mega-trends.

As initially stated from the abstract the research project shall address questions like.

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