Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses the role of women in religion throughout history.

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Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses the role of women in religion throughout history. The paper highlights the main events in the development of the religions from the position of the female roles in the process.

Though most of the religions began as ones serving both male and female interests, in the course of time and as a result of male dominance, the initial messages were distorted, depriving women of economic, social and religious rights.

Let us imagine that aliens arrived to the Earth to get acquainted with humanity. In order to understand people better, it was decided that the envoys should be incarnated as human, being born as usual girls and boys. The agents were to have enough freedom to move, think and speak, make decisions and choices of their own, – to put it in the nutshell, have all the opportunities for work and research of the complex subject on the study – the mankind. Several well-trained agents were prepared. However, the question was where they should be born. The population of the Earth was known for having numerous religions, differing in content and messages. These religions played a vital role in the life of the national, ethnic and racial societies, uniting them, dictating norms of behaviour, obligations and restrictions. The significance of the religions was so great that for many centuries religious communities stood at the top of the social ladder and were responsible for numerous wars and fights in the name of Gods. By the time the agents were to be incarnated, the Earth calendar declared the beginning of the twenty-first century. Most of the countries had secular societies, ruled by leading political parties. Yet, religious views continued influencing the decisions of policy-makers. After making some research on religions, the aliens were a bit puzzled. They could easily place their male agents in almost any part of the world, but they had some apprehensions as to the female agents. It seemed preferable to send them in the families of non-believers, somewhere in Europe or North America, while otherwise, the agents risked losing control of the situation and be strongly restricted by the religions.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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