Create a 15 pages page paper that discusses homosexuality as a deviant behavior.

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Create a 15 pages page paper that discusses homosexuality as a deviant behavior. Sociologically, deviance is characterized by four necessary ingredients: the existence of specific rules or norms. violation of those norms. the presence of an audience that considers these normative violations as wrong. and adverse reaction (consisting of criticism, condemnation, censure, stigma, disapproval, and so on) by the audience (Goode, 2011, p. 5). However, societal attitudes and norms towards deviant behavior vary from one social circle to another. An act or conduct that is condemned in one society may be acceptable to another.

Similarly, a behavior or act considered to be deviant in a particular society may acquire more social acceptance in the long run. In multicultural societies, norms that are valid for a group may not be regarded as right and acceptable by other groups or subcultures. As such, the adverse reaction of society forms a significant criterion for deviance.&nbsp.

One also needs to distinguish between societal and situational deviance. Societal deviance refers to those actions and conditions that are generally considered deviant and, therefore, are condemned by most society (Goode, 2011, p. 7). For instance, there is a high degree of consensus among members of the community to consider crimes such as rape, robbery, corporate theft, or terrorism as forms of societal deviance. On the other hand, situational deviance evaluates deviant behavior within a specific group, social circle, setting, or context where such actions occur. Behaviors that are regarded as social deviance in many communities are not considered situational deviance in others and vice versa. For instance, heterosexual dancing is viewed as deviant among the Haredi, whereas it is widely accepted in many Western nations. It can also be seen that societal deviance is widely recognized by most society whereas situational deviance is low-consensus deviance as public opinion is divided on their deviant status. However, relativity theory is widely applicable in how different cultures perceive deviance as one can find “variations in judgments of deviance from one group, subculture, social circle, or individual to another within the same society” (Goode, 2011, p. 13). For instance, the deviance status of marijuana use is relative as certain social circles approve it, whereas others condemn it.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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