Create a 20 pages page paper that discusses hearing, deaf and hard-of-hearing students’ satisfaction with on-line learning.

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Create a 20 pages page paper that discusses hearing, deaf and hard-of-hearing students’ satisfaction with on-line learning. Not only can computer technology facilitate a broader range of educational activities to meet a variety of needs for students with mild learning disorders, but also adaptive technology now exists than can enable even those students with severe disabilities to become active learners in the classroom alongside their peers who do not have disabilities.

(Hasselbring, 2000) Technological accommodations often involve the use of assistive devices to help a student to communicate or to produce work output e.g. modified keyboard, a computer with a visual display and touch screen or with voice synthesizer, braillers for blind students, greatly enlarged text on a computer screen for a student with partial sight, radio-frequency hearing aids for students with impaired hearing etc. Less sophisticated aids might include school-made communication boards for students without speech, or using symbol or picture card systems for communicating. Technology has also increased the mobility and independence of many students with severe physical disabilities.

The specific needs of students with disabilities are usually identified in their individual education plans (IEPs). The IEP should be seen as the main source of advice of the types of differentiation needed by the students. (Westwood, 2003) Deaf and hard of hearing students have great difficulty with phonics as it is usually taught. However, when they learn lip reading, this has a phonic basis in the speaker. If regular students are initially taught to spell phonemically, and the deaf and hard of hearing lip reading students are taught to write what they see in the same phonemic spellings, the two groups of students can communicate in writing thereby making joint educational experiences possible to some extent. (Ives, 1997)

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American Sign Language (ASL), the language of the deaf is not simply a translation of American English into hand symbols.

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