Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses analysis information technology peachtree healthcare.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses analysis information technology peachtree healthcare. Before looking into the commentaries, I was more focused on the technical aspect of the problem with regard to implementing either SOA or a monolithic system. The human aspect of the problem as advocated by Kastor was not under consideration while framing recommendations. Moreover, my approach to problem-solving for Peachtree Healthcare was more dependent on deriving a fitting monolithic, SOA, or hybrid monolithic SOA framework for Peachtree Healthcare but as advocated by Halvorson, such a resolution would not be possible without considering the objectives that require achievement. Creating and maintaining an effective corporate strategy requires that objectives are taken into primary focus before any other implementations are considered (Johnson, Scholes, & Whittington, 2008).

Paul Lefler’s standardization approach will not be able to deliver results for all parts of the healthcare sector in the case of Peachtree Healthcare. However, it would be false to say that standardization could not be admitted at any level at all. The best approach would be to standardize certain areas where research supports standardization but to leave out other more complicated areas such as “colon cancer treatment” in the words of Max Berndt (Glaser, 2007). Halvorson is also right when he stresses that SOA may not be the only solution for Peachtree Healthcare as per the CIO’s suggestion. Another notable aspect of Halvorson’s approach is his critique of trying to use tools without realizing what objectives require achievement. In this respect, Halvorson is totally justified in commenting that Peachtree Healthcare should tabulate its needs and requirements and should then proceed to procure fitting tools.

Ford essentially raises an important point and then fails to see through it – risk management. Ford suggests that Peachtree Healthcare should tabulate the available risk but this is not really possible given the eclectic nature of operations at any healthcare institution.&nbsp.He further suggests that Peachtree Healthcare should follow Candace’s opinion of implementing a “modular SOA” structure (Glaser, 2007) while keeping in mind areas where such a solution would work and where it would not.&nbsp.

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