Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses bilingual advantage for episodic memory.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses bilingual advantage for episodic memory. When one age, he or she begins to have problems with the cognitive process such as episodic memory (Schroeder & Mirian, 2012). These problems with episodic memory normally lead to negative effects that range from one’s personal and social life. It is necessary to note that these problems with episodic memory are significant in one’s life as he or she ages. One can forget vital things in his or her personal life or the workplace, and this may cause major setbacks. For this reason, it is important to research the factors that cause problems with episodic memory. This study has the objective of looking at how bilingualism is important to adults and how it helps maintain episodic memory.

Episodic memory is a term that is used to refer to one’s ability to recall his or her personal experience. This ability to recall ranges from remembering events that happened years ago to recent events. Aging is a major reason that causes a decline in episodic memory that makes many old people forget events that have happened in their lives (Schroeder & Mirian, 2012). This means that there is a problem for one to remember things as an adult gets older. An example of this fact can be shown by the deficit to remember words that an old adult has been given. He or she finds it difficult to remember words that they have just handled a few moments ago.

Part of the brain in the medial temporal lobe is responsible for executive functions one of which is to execute episodic memory. The process of memorizing an event involves encoding and retrieval that is done in the frontal lobes (Marian & Kaushanksaya, 2007). These frontal lobes get damaged as one increases in age that brings a problem in the process of encoding and retrieval. This means that old people have poor episodic memory because they have damaged their frontal lobes. According to Baudouin et al (2009), the performance in episodic memory tasks decreases as an adult increases with age.

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