Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses future of mass communication and media.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses future of mass communication and media. The development of social media is one of the greatest changes that happened in the present century. The ongoing protests against some of the Arab dictators in the Middle East are believed to be stimulated by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. In fact, the recent Egyptian and Libyan revolutions are labeled as facebook revolution nowadays. According to Carlsson (2007), “Changes in contemporary political systems, the cross-fertilization or conflict of different cultures, the development of social institutions and organizations, not to mention new information technologies, have influenced the development of media and mass communication significantly” (Carlsson, p.223). In short, the influence of media on public life is increasing day by day. This paper analyses the future of mass communication and media.

Labor party leader Ed Miliband has demanded the breakup of Rupert Murdoch’s UK media empire in a dramatic intervention in the row over phone hacking. In an exclusive interview with the Observer, the Labor leader calls for a cross-party agreement on new media ownership laws that would cut Murdochs current market share, arguing that he has “too much power over British public life” (Helm et al).

Rupert Murdoch is not only the most powerful media person in the world at present. No other media owners seem to have the same power, resources, and capabilities as Murdoch has. Until recent times, Murdoch was believed to be a socially committed media person who keeps strict morals and ethics in his profession and business. However, the phone tapping scandal evolved out from Britain recently has destroyed the image of Murdoch as an honest media person immensely. In fact, he was able to tap the telephonic communications of even the British prime minister. If he is capable of doing so, it is easy for him to intrude into the privacies of ordinary people.

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It should be noted that media people have the power to influence the thoughts of the people. A person with more than 10 or 20 newspaper ownership can definitely influence the thinking patterns of the public anywhere in the world. Because of such undue power possessed by the media people, politicians often show reluctance to put control of media activities.

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