Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses solution to homelessness in arizona.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses solution to homelessness in arizona. Conversely, there are numerous factors that lead to homelessness. The main factors include social factors such as evictions and job losses and social issues such as physical and mental illnesses, drug addiction and domestic violence. On a given day, thousands of citizens of Arizona are homeless, but most of the Arizonans see them in ones or twos. Having this in mind, this paper aims to critically review the seriousness of the problem of homelessness in Arizona and thereafter providing a viable solution for the problem.

Homelessness is a serious issue in Arizona. Approximately 82,000 Arizonans receive emergency food boxes (Hedberg and William 74). There are more than 14,000 Arizonans who experience homelessness every day. In a period of one year, the poor working population in Arizona experiences an increase of 10% in the costs of maintenance of basic living necessities namely food shelter and clothing. Notably, more or less 50% of the homeless are children, women or families. In Arizona, the fastest growing section of the homeless population is the families who have children. However, 43% of these children living among homeless families are mainly under the age of six years. In addition to this, 16% of the single adults suffer from persistent or severe mental illnesses and almost 40% of the homeless adults have addiction disorders (Hedberg and William 75). Apart from the families, 23% of the homeless men in Arizona are USA veterans.

Conversely, families facing homelessness frequently move between shelters, temporary arrangements with friends or relatives, and overcrowded apartments. This high mobility is stressful, predominantly for youth and children. Lack of routines, safety, consistency, sense of community, uninterrupted schooling and health care makes it difficult for both youth and children to grow emotionally, academically and socially (Zazworsky and&nbsp.Nancy 181). However, youth and children experiencing homelessness in Arizona are twice as likely to have severe chronic health problems, repeat a grade in school, and experience hunger.

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