(create a short video (45 second minimum – 60 second maximum duration)

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I have that assignment to have completed in 5 hours that you should create a short video. EVERYTHING IS DESCRIBED AS WELL IN THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT. ( do not worry about the submission into YOUTUBE just send me the file as requested according to my instructor :

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(When you are finished editing your video, you must export (save) your video as a stand alone Windows Media Video (.wmv) or mpeg file (.mp4). Your video must be saved in one of these formats in order to upload your video to the web and submit your assignment.)

Some notes from my instructor:

  1. Yes, include the copyright information in your tags and in credits at the end. (The title of the songs and the owner of the copyright – could be the artist, could be another composer/publisher) – each video editor is different, but if you search your particular editor and credits, you should be able to figure out how to add that information.



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