Critical Care Medical Accuracy of a continuous noninvasive hemoglobin monitor in intensive care unit patients.

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Article Summary and PowerPoint Presentations:

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The assigned article is attached as a file and you are to review, summarize, and present to the class. You are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the assigned article. In addition, you will write a one-page summary of the article. Thus you are required to submit your PowerPoint presentation and a one page written summary, including any special graphics in this assignment.

Instructions for PowerPoint Presentations

The Journal Citation in APA format: Authors, Title, Journal Name, Volume, Year, Page Numbers

Purpose Statement/ Hypothesis: single sentence (no more than two sentences)

Methods: Give enough info so we understand in general what was done

Results: Bullets in brief or the results. If graphics or tables are key to understanding the results, then identify them. You are encouraged to identify key graphics that are likely to be the foundation for exam questions

Conclusions: These should be in statements identifying the major findings of the paper.

PowerPoint Slide Presentation:

This part should be a slide presentation of the elements above (Should be not more than 9 slides). Each slide is worth a possible 10 points.

Slide#1 – Must include the Journal Citation (use APA format), the course, the date you are presenting and your name.

Slide#2 – Purpose statement/hypothesis or what the authors were trying to determine or demonstrate

Slide#3 – Methods Section: one slide; try to keep this as simple and explanatory as possible

Slide#4 -6 Results and Figures: This will consist of each of the major findings and two tables or graphs that demonstrate these findings.

Slide#7 – Conclusion.

Slide#8-9 – Two sample exam questions for the class to ponder –try to challenge them to see if they understand the results or if they can explain the graphics.

Note: Please find attached the Article.

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