Critical Investigation Use Paul and Elder’s (2012) intellectual standards to find a topic or problem that is clear, relevant, significant, and precise. Select an issue that you wish to investigate cri

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Critical Investigation

Use Paul and Elder’s (2012) intellectual standards to find a topic or problem that is clear, relevant, significant, and precise. Select an issue that you wish to investigate critically (social, professional).

What are the most effective ways to address anxiety and depression? How can I use these to better my health?

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IMPORTANT: The Final Portfolio is not a traditional “term paper.”

Your final portfolio submission should include the following sections:

  1. Title page
  2. Introduction
  3. Engagement with issue or problem using scholarly sources and the intellectual standards proposed by Paul and Elder (2012): What is the issue? Why is it significant? Why is this issue relevant to your community? What have you learned about the depth and breadth of the issue or problem from scholarly sources?
  4. Engagement with your own assumptions or thinking about the issue. What assumptions do you bring to this subject? What concepts are “at work” in your mind as you investigate this issue? Why is this subject of interest to you and how might this skew your investigations? These questions constitute some of the issues covered by Paul and Elder (2012) in their “elements of reason.”
  5. Engagement with scholarly sources: How do the scholarly sources aid you as you think about the issue fair-mindedly and with depth? What have you learned from the scholarly sources that have helped you analyze the issue?
  6. Conclusion: Reflect on your issue or problem and how the sources informed your thinking. What have you learned? How can you apply the intellectual standards and elements of reason to this issue or problem to come to creative solutions? What critical questions remain?
  7. References Page
  8. APA Format
  9. You may write in the first person for your Final Portfolio Project.
  10. Your paper should engage a minimum of six scholarly sources that are not required or recommended readings for this course.
  11. Your paper should be 7 pages in length

Critical Investigation Use Paul and Elder’s (2012) intellectual standards to find a topic or problem that is clear, relevant, significant, and precise. Select an issue that you wish to investigate cri
People with anxiety disorder need to speak with the psychiatrist or any other medical care professional about the symptoms they are experiencing and then start treatment. Both anxiety and depression may develop once in a person; thus, it is recommended that the patient gets a very thorough evaluation from the relevant psychiatrist. It is important to have a better assessment to prevent bipolar disorder from developing. The most effective ways to treat anxiety and depression disorder are medication, psychotherapy, as well as combining particular lifestyle changes like exercise (Bandelow, Michaelis & Wedekind, 2017). The use of antidepressant medication such as Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, helps reduce severe anxiety and depression (Garrido et al., 2019). Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) are the two main types of therapies used to treat anxiety and depression. CBT aims at teaching patients about challenging their negative thoughts as a way of reducing stress, while IPT focuses on connecting the symptoms and the current interpersonal problems. Exercise helps ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The topic of anxiety and depression is very crucial to me because it equips me with knowledge on how to prevent myself from developing the disorder as well as ways to treat the disorder if it arises (Garrido et al., 2019). Everyone experiences anxiety since it is a vital as well as a natural part of life. Anxiety helps everyone to identify as well as respond to the dangers in a ‘fight or flight mode.’ By understanding this topic, I will be motivated to deal with difficult challenges and perform better. The critical questions that I can raise on this topic are: do I have anxiety or depression disorder? What are the causes of anxiety disorders? How do I treat these disorders? How effective are the treatments? Are there any options available? What types of medications could be used to treat anxiety and depression disorders? As I try to think more clearly about the issues related to this topic, I realize that the relationship between anxiety and depression is complicated. The chances of acquiring depression are higher when the anxiety disorder is present in someone. Depressed people usually feel worried and anxious. References Bandelow, B., Michaelis, S., & Wedekind, D. (2017). Treatment of anxiety disorders. Dialogues in clinical neuroscience, 19(2), 93. Garrido, S., Millington, C., Cheers, D., Boydell, K., Schubert, E., Meade, T., & Nguyen, Q. V. (2019). What works and what doesn’t work? A systematic review of digital mental health interventions for depression and anxiety in young people. Frontiers in psychiatry, 10, 759. One paragraph describing your revised topic selection and a question or thesis (Links to an external site.) statement to investigate critically. Anxiety and depression are psychological problems that affect most people and need prompt intervention before they culminate to breakdowns. The symptoms can be evaluated by a psychologist and an individual placed under immediate therapy. Bandelow et al. (2017) argue that the most effective ways to treat anxiety and depression disorder are medication, psychotherapy, as well as combining particular lifestyle changes like exercise. A variety of these methods can be employed to alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety and to completely eliminate the conditions. Findings from Li et al. (2019) back the opinions of Bandelow et al. (2017) documenting that physiotherapy and psychotherapy are proper methods of managing anxiety and depression. Liu et al. (2019) assert that probiotics have effective antidepressant and anxiolytic effects and support their use. On the other hand, Werner-Seidler et al. (2017) argue that a more refined and narrowed treatment approach has the impact of reducing the burden of the conditions and boost public health outcomes. This research will investigate the effectiveness of physiotherapy, medication, and psychotherapy in treating depression and anxiety. One paragraph describing how you will use the intellectual standards to critically investigate the topic. You may wish to refer to Paul and Elder (2010). I will dwell on the accuracy of the information provided by the journals reviewed in this study. I will then ensure I capture clear information that directly addresses the research questions while discarding ambiguous texts with errors and inconsistencies. I will only use relevant information that addresses the research questions. This will cover research that is relevant in the topic of psychology alone. I will only accept logical arguments from the sources as references of information. Illogical arguments will not form the body of work used in drawing the conclusion. Precision will also be vital, working with accuracy to pinpoint the actual impacts of the intervention mechanisms under investigation. The depth of the journals under review will be considered as articles without adequate academic backing will not be used in drawing conclusions. Such articles must address the complexities and interrelationships between the proposed interventions and the problems. The articles used in the study of this topic must hold significance to the conclusions that will be drawn thereafter and offer evidence to support the conclusions. The research will be fair, eliminating all possible loopholes of bias and dishonesty that could compromise the quality of the final output. Breadth is another consideration for this research which will welcome multiple points of view and comprehensive information. Finally, the research sources will sufficiently address the topic from all angles. One paragraph providing an overview of how your assumptions and questions on this issue could skew your critical thinking on this issue (Paul Elder, 2010). The general agreement for the effectiveness of medications and psychotherapy could affect my critical thinking since I would want to arrive at the same conclusion. This could cause me to overlook vital information that could refute the initial conclusion. Additionally, my general knowledge on the causes and development of the psychological problems could cause me to eliminate the possibility of certain forms of therapy which could be as effective as the others. A check for inconsistent logical arguments and counterchecking the facts will be vital in avoiding the impact of conclusions based on assumptions. References Li, Z., Liu, S., Wang, L., & Smith, L. (2020). Mind–body exercise for anxiety and depression in copd patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(1), 22. Liu, R. T., Walsh, R. F., & Sheehan, A. E. (2019). Prebiotics and probiotics for depression and anxiety: a systematic review and meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 102, 13-23. Werner-Seidler, A., Perry, Y., Calear, A. L., Newby, J. M., & Christensen, H. (2017). School-based depression and anxiety prevention programs for young people: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical psychology review, 51, 30-47.

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