Critique a qualitative and quantitative research article

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Use the study critique templates provided to you in the indented tabs below for your guided Quantitative (75 points) and Qualitative (75 points) critiques (100 points total).

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You will, therefore, submit TWO completed Word documents, one through each portal.

You may use the two articles related to your research proposal submitted earlier in the semester or select new articles.

Please upload each original studies in the .pdf form in addition to uploading your critique! Please type your critique responses in RED on the form to make your comments easier to review.

Qualitative And Quantitative

Please submit original research studies – NO case studies, CEU article, topic discussion articles, literature reviews, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, or dissertations! You will not receive credit if you submit anything other than an original research study.

Note that many published research articles will not have some of the content you have been learning about in this class. You will not often see a research question worded in a PICOT format. You may not see a literature review in a separate section with that title. Articles published in research journals are held to word limits by each journal’s writing guidelines and the sections may not be as clearly evident as what is required in your research proposal. However, the pertinent information is usually included in the article. So you may have to delineate that information in your article that is asked for in the critique.

Download and type your responses in red on the attached form in the Student Response Boxes: Located in the drop file section below

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