critique of Moral Intelligence I need to modify according to the professor’s request

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Please check the attachment I have completed, but I need to revise it according to the professor’s request

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Comment from the professor “This assignment gave you some problems. Do take a few moments to review my margin notes addressing several issues and remember to proofread your work closely or have someone do so for you.

Besides offering a book that I feel is a worthwhile read, one of my motives for this assignment is for students to submit a scholarly (graduate level) written assignment before taking a dive into the research project. Other than noted above, I find no major issues with your work or the level of your writing. Your writing was clear; your writing style is active; and, your critique of Moral Intelligence was crisp and balanced.

To me the work is an ‘easy read’, worth referring back to as warranted, especially when my compass needs a bit of realigning—even occasionally retaking the MCI can be reason to do a bit of realigning. I don’t recall that you mentioned the MCI (worksheet). Did you get a chance to take it? If so, what did you think about it?””

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