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How does this technology impacts a business strategic focus, employment structure and cost.

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consider the impact on customers and the community.

What opportunities do you see for a business? What limitations on the use of this technology are evident?

Are there any special considerations neccessary (security, data usage, ect)?

The paper should be formatted and typed using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced,
and one-inch margins (no exceptions), with any number of exhibits (tables, charts, etc.) you deem
necessary to communicate your analyses and recommendations.
The length of the paper should be at least 10-12 pages (excluding the cover page and references
At a minimum, your report should include an abstract (100-200 words), Introduction,
Methodology (how you collected your data – journal articles, company website, interviews, etc.),
Discussion, and Conclusion/Recommendation.
Use APA 6th edition formatting to format for your report, citations, references, etc. and use a
minimum of 5 references.

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