Database Project fundamentals

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You may create your own organization based on an organization and project with which you are familiar, but if you do so, you must provide materials covering each of the following areas described for the provided examples:
•Description of the organization
•Description of information the organization needs to track to support its daily business, and how it will be used by the organization
•Description of the most common or urgent activities that will access this information, how often they occur, and the expected response time
•Description of the organization’s needs for investigating trends in this information over time (optionally, include information collected in other existing databases)
•Description of other data sources available to the organization, internally or externally, including some sources of data that are unstructured
Week 1 Scenario
You have a challenge in your project: you do not have a team, a process for development, or any tools for data management with which to do the job. You need to develop a plan for them.
Write a 1- to 2-page paper that addresses the following points:
•Define at least five key roles for members of your team involved in the definition, creation, and maintenance of the database and applications that use it.
•Give a job description of each role, with the skills and levels of education or certification you expect in each role, along with the major tasks that each team member will be expected to perform. Use salary information from referenced sources to suggest a range of possible salaries.
•Describe the major tasks that the team will perform, and the natural order of doing those tasks the first time.
•Explain key tools that team members must have to perform this job.

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