Defending the Homeland from Foreign and Domestic Threats

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Assignment Guidelines

You are a Special Agent in the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. The country of Fenwick has a state-sponsored terror organization cell in the United States known as Roar. They are planning to go to Battle Creek, Michigan and poison a major cereal brand as a protest for not getting their wheat subsidies from the United States. They plan to coat all of the sugar-coated cereals with anthrax. Information has surfaced that an employee at the cereal plant is a Fenwicky National.

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  • Address the following:
    • What areas of intelligence analysis do you think would be appropriate based on the terror organization and the selected target of the terror group? Explain.
    • Considering the type of attack planned, what countermeasures would you employ? Fully justify your response.
    • What agencies under the Department of Homeland Security do you think should be involved? Why? Explain in detail.
  • Post a new topic to the Discussion Board that contains your responses to the above questions.

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