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Design a research study using a qualitative methodology. Refer to assignment guidelines in Appendix I (below) and the Qualitative Research Design Project grading Rubric. Appendix I -Week 6 Paper

Qualitative Research Design Project

  Syllabus 2021 Page 6

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 Utilize qualitatively-driven research questions which were developed during week 1, outline and defend why the chosen qualitative research design is appropriate. Introduction:

Provide detailed explanation of the identified educational issue. State the problem, cite what others have also noted as the issue, and move into explaining why there is a need for the study.

Purpose of the Study:

Having explained the issue and need for the study, move into ……therefore, the purpose of this study is to……Here are a few tips for writing this section. In a quantitative study you use terms such as ‘to examine, to determine’ while in a qualitative study you would use terms such as ‘to explore, to understand’……The purpose of this case study is to explore teachers’ views on the factors that they believe, based on their experiences, contribute to teacher stress. Another example…. to understand teachers’ description of the lived experience and essence of teacher stress Research Question(s)

Ensure that the research question reflects the purpose of the study. They must align. Note that qualitatively driven research questions do not have hypotheses. In most

instances, an overarching question must first be declared, followed by sub-questions. Use the questions developed between weeks 1 & 2 discussion.

Significance of the Study

Here is where you would consider all the entities that would benefit from the findings of this study and how each would benefit. For example, the findings of this study will benefit school leaders as they conduct yearly planning, taking into account factors that cause teacher stress.

Research Design

Declare the research design that will be used (case study, ethnographic, multiple-case study, grounded theory, or phenomenological). Scholarly define and discuss this type of design, its advantages and disadvantages -according to experts.

Population and Sampling:

Demographically describe the population from which the sample will be drawn. Scholarly describe the sampling method to be used, and rationale for sample size. See

research design textbooks.

Data Collection Tools/Methods

Observation, focus groups, examination of documents and/or records, and semi- structured interviews. Design an interview list and beta test it in order to determine if the questions need to be tweaked. The interview list must be based on the research questions.

Beta Test: Results of the Beta testing must be discussed. Share how folks responded and whether you had to tweak question. Tell why you needed to tweak…

Research Procedure

Explain in sequential order, the proposed steps in operationalizing the study. Beginning from receiving approval from the institution where the study is to be conducted, receiving IRB approval, ethical considerations in terms of protecting participants, informed consents sent to prospective applicant, and data collection process. It is extremely important that as you describe these steps, strategies for ensuring validity and reliability in the research process is evident.

  Syllabus 2021 Page 7

 Data Analysis

Scholarly explain the data analysis procedure for qualitative studies. Note that NVIVO is not a data analysis process. You may need to locate a research design book or do a search on the data analysis process for the specific research design that you are using. Data analysis for qualitative studies are different than data analysis for quantitative studies.

Validity and Reliability

Discuss the strategies that will be used in ensuring validity and reliability in this study.

Researcher Bias/Researcher Role

Declare what the researcher’s biases are, and how the researcher will go about ensuring that his/her biases will not impact the study. Utilize your qualitative textbooks in order to assist you in addressing this section.


Explain the importance of trustworthiness (see qualitative textbooks). How will you ensure that this vital component is addressed in this study?

Ethical Considerations:

Explain the importance of ethical considerations (see qualitative textbooks). How will you ensure that this vital component is addressed in this study?

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