Developing a Research Topic for a Qualitative Study

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  • Write a problem statement based on your topic of study. Develop a 1- to 2-paragraph statement that is the result of a review of the articles you located on your topic.
    1. Briefly describe the phenomena you are interested in studying.
    2. Briefly summarize the key findings or what is understood about this phenomena based on the three articles you reviewed.
    3. Briefly identify the “gap”—what do you see as an important,
      relevant, next step in learning more about this topic that would be
      appropriate for a qualitative study.
  • Include your Annotated Bibliography section.
  • Write a purpose statement using terminology of qualitative research.
  • The purpose statement should contain:A statement using the following template: The purpose of this qualitative study is to [choose one: explore, describe, understand, explain] the meaning/experience/culture/stories of [phenomenon of interest] in [population/setting].
  • A justification of why the purpose of your study is suited for the qualitative approach in terms of:
  • The phenomena you choose
  • The “fit” with a constructivist epistemology and ontology
  • The relevance of the naturalistic setting or context to the phenomena of interest
    1. Based on your knowledge of reflexivity, explain your
      relationship to the problem; and the issues of bias and positionality to
      be addressed. Include a brief description of the setting and possible
      sources of data.
  • Write a research question using terminology of qualitative research.
  • The research question should incorporate and mirror the purpose statement using the following template: What is the meaning/experience/culture/stories of [phenomenon of interest] in [population/setting]?
  • Include your updated Annotated Bibliography section.
  • Attached is one article and I also put a link for the other two articles if you do not want to use those you can research a qualitative study based on principals perceptions on special education

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