Diagnostic summary/short essay

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Read “Mom was right: You are what you eat” by David Katz, M.D.:
The article explores the notion that “you are what you eat” and urges Americans to “eat clean.” Summarize the article, explaining how he comes to this assertion, and omit any unnecessary parts. Remember that a summary exhibits no personal opinion, so remain objective.
Then consider what you eat regularly, or consider your last meal, beverage, or product. Based on what you’ve read, critique what you’ve eaten. Can you think of any examples and reasons why most people have a misconception of what is healthy, or “clean”?
Create a new Journal Entry. There is no length requirement, though you must answer every aspect of the prompt thoroughly. Tone must be formal, and try to avoid first person as much as possible. This is the last instance where you can use “I” in any formal writing assignment in this course. Its use is permitted in your food reflection but, still, exercise with caution.

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