Discussion and Student Response

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1) Review the LEARNING discussion of motivating self and others by Quinn, et al. (2015) on page 195

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2) View the “This Ole Prison Blues” parody below.

3 ) Based on reading and viewing, reply to the discussion questions at the end of the parody. The parody includes a rating scale from 1 to 4. Choose the number you believe is appropriate for where you work. Post a sentence or two regarding your rating. 150+ words.

4) Post a 150+ word reply to student #one and student # two

5) Include at least one citation and reference entry with your post.

To clarify: 3 posts are needed, one as a reply to the video a second and third post as replies to two other students, all 150+ words each.

Copy and paste the questions above your reply. Do not post one long paragraph.

  1. What kind of “pain” is the parody referring to?
  2. How is a workplace like a prison?
  3. In what ways is a workplace not like a prison?
  4. Do people really “hang on” because they need the money?
  5. Organizational rating and discussion
  6. Cite and reference your post

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