Discussion Board 3

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Answer the questions with at least 2 or more substantive paragraphs per question. Use examples. As well as your source material, I am looking for your own comments and opinion based on readings, videos, and lectures. Number and Bold Type your questions then answer. Use first person narrative. List references at end of all of the answers the answers. Respond to at least two other students. You can write in word then paste into the discussion. Use Word Doc.

1. Watch the video called “Are You a Good Eye Witness?” –Crime. Play media comment.Play media comment.– one time then answer the questions . a. Was the perpetrator a man or woman. What were they wearing? b. What was the color of the girls hair? The color of her car? Who was chasing the perpetrator Describe them. c. Was there a dog? What kind if so. Post your comments about your experience as an eye witness.

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2. Describe the organization of neurons in the retina only from the outside of the eye through to the back of the retina. What are the various types of retina cells and what are they for? Why do you suppose the light enters through so many layers of cells?

3. Take the posted Color Blindness Test. Are you colorblind? Why are more men color blind than women? Also check out Fun Things for your Vision. Report on a few of the activities you observed.

4. Summarize and Evaluate each of the following Videos:Why music moves us. (Links to an external site.) & “Mirror” Molecule: Carvone (in the Videos in Module 3) Make sure to cite the video you are evaluating.


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