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Global Cybersecurity Challenges & Solutions

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There has been an international growth of cyberspace throughout organizations who rely on the cyber world for business livelihood. Education and training are encouraged, and in most cases required, for cybersecurity professionals to better equip themselves to do their jobs. It’s imperative for the collaboration between all countries to pitch to ensure their cybersecurity personnel has the necessary knowledge and tools to stand up to the mounting cybercrime against the public and private sector globally.

Several organizations have been formed globally to educate, train and certify cybersecurity professional to be the front line of fighting against the hackers and cybercriminals. “The organizations range from information-sharing forums that are non-decision-making gatherings of experts to private organizations to treaty-based, decision-making bodies founded by countries” (Cooney, 2010). Cybersecurity organizations provide different specialized subject matters from incident response to compliance guidance. Cybersecurity professionals can become members of more than one cybersecurity organization.

The National Council of Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) is a collaborative member group of the public and private sector that shares cybersecurity information. The information on cyber and physical threats to an organization with ways to mitigate through proper strategizing (“National Council of ISACs | About NCI,” n.d.). The Merchant and Financial Trade Associations have decided to do a cybersecurity partnership to be able to share information; discuss cybersecurity technology and keeping consumer trustworthiness. The purpose of the partnership is to ensure the protection of intellectual property from the adversaries (“MERCHANT AND FINANCIAL TRADE ASSOCIATIONS ANNOUNCE CYBERSECURITY PARTNERSHIP,” n.d.).

If more countries work together to share cybersecurity information and provide training and education to cybersecurity professionals to stay in the know, then those professionals will be well prepared to combat cybercrimes, be proactive with the latest technology, and ensure compliance. The continuing education and training throughout a professional’s career will be valuable for their organizations’ mission to produce quality goods and services while safeguarding confidential information.


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