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Please respond to the following in at least 250 words and cite any sources used in MLA format.

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1.The geopolitical country borders change over time. The countries that are grouped under the “Central European” area of this text include those previously known as Eastern Europe—a term used to describe East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. The borders of Austria and Poland have changed over time. When the Soviet Union was dissolved, many countries with very different food cultures were independent.Today, throughout these countries there are new patterns of immigration. For example, in Germany they are currently struggling to assimilate a large number of Muslims from the Middle East. Are new cuisines being developed as we speak? How will German food be defined or interpreted by these new immigrants? In the U.S. we have experienced waves of immigration from the beginning of this country. How is a country like Germany’s assimilation of new immigrants different from America’s integration of new immigrants?

Please respond to the following in at least 150 words and cite any sources used in MLA format.

2.Without question, new cuisines are being developed as we speak. As cultures continue to assimilate and blend together, there is going to be even more fusion of meals than we see to this day. I think most of the world is pretty ignorant about Middle Eastern food because of the negative things in the news about them. So, many people aren’t used to their food. As immigrants and those seeking refuge begin to enter new countries, not only will Middle Eastern food be introduced to people, but it will start being blended with the food in that new country. For example, if a Muslim from the Middle East enters England and tries a staple dish of their like Fish and Chips, but instead adds a spice that they are used to in the Middle East, that will create a whole new dish. Then maybe the fish and chips won’t need tartar sauce and the new spice will create the new flavor. This will never stop happening across the world.In the U.S., immigrants helped shape our country. Our country was actually established by immigrants. Therefore, I think customs, ways of life, and food of all kinds were established early on. It has been a continual process to shape America and the food/customs we have, but it is in our DNA as a society to embrace change. However, that is where I think it can be different in Germany. Like most countries nowadays, it is set in its ways. The country may not welcome and embrace the new culture/food/drinks that immigrants bring with them. If they are not accepting, they will consiously restrict immigrants from spreading their culture. However, this would be extremely bad because of the possibilities that could be created with embracing new ideas and new foods. We were lucky in America to have such diversity early in our development, which isn’t the case in most countries.


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