Discussion questions to answer and replay To others comments.

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answer this questions :

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Will you graduate with student loans for 10 years?

Will you have the resume’ that prepares you for a job that pays well?

People who provide us with services we cannot live without did not go to college.

Plumbers and the AC repairman, the auto mechanic, the beautician, all provide us with services we will want and they did not gain their skill by attending college.

Then reply to this tow comments:

Use the names 1 and 2 for the persons EXAMPLE: I agree with 1 that college is for everyone..

1- I would say college is for everyone but it depends on an individual whether to go to college or not. An absolute conclusion can’t be drawn saying that one without a college degree will earn less or will have a hard life. However, having a college degree in most of case is a plus point only in some cases like Steve Job. In one of his speech he has said that not going to college is the best decision he have ever made. But we have to think how many people will like Steve Job? Of course , very rare. So, generally it would be nice to attain college and use the college life in a productive way than just passing time.

2- I personally do not think that college is for everyone. People like to look down on people for not getting a degree, but there are numerous jobs that make more than most people who do have degrees. Neither of my parents went to college and both of them ended up with jobs that pay very well. My mom worked for the government and my dad was a firefighter. Although degrees are required more today than they were in the past, this proves that it is possible to make a living without a college degree.


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