Disease Model Versus Positive Psychology, psychology homework help

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Read the scenario and answer the questions in no less than 200 words each.  Support your responses with details from course assigned video and reading.  Include APA-formatted citations and references.

William is a 44-year old project manager for a large commercial construction firm.  he started out as a gifted carpenter who greatly enjoyed designing and building custom furniture.  however, after several promotions, he focuses on bringing in new business.  he spends many work hours at his computer or on the telephone.  He is divorced and rarely sees his two daughters.  In recent years, he has gained weight and is displeased with his appearance, but has no interest in or energy for exercise.  he does not sleep well because he worries about business problems at night.  He was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Although he is financially secure, he rarely takes vacations or socializes outside of the office.  He has begun to feel that his life is pointless.

1.  Discuss William’s situation from the perspective of traditional psychology.  What information would be most important?  What conclusions and recommendations might be made by a psychologist working form the disease model?

2.  Discuss William’s situation form the perspective of positive psychology. What information would be most important?  What conclusions and recommendations might be made by a psychologist working from the positive psychology model?

The reading materials and video are:

Hart, K.E. & Sasso, t. (2011). Mapping the contours of contemporary positive psychology.  Canadian psychology, 52 (2), 82-92

Positive Psychology:  Theory, Research and Applications   Boniwell, Illona  Hefferon, Kate

searches in psychology and “positive psychology” and differ         and    views of happiness and their relationship to subjective wellbeing

Video- TEDTalks:  martin Seligman – what positive psychology can help you become. 


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