Documented/Research Essay

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will be writing a documented research essay on a topic of your choice
selected from options available in the SIRS database, accessed through
the MDC library portal. (Instructions on accessing and using the
databases are provided in this module).

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essays require that you cite several sources to develop and support
your thesis; therefore, it is imperative that you follow MLA guidelines
for citing sources in this paper.

paper should be at least 1000 words in length (3 full typed pages,
double spaced), not including the Works Cited page. In other words, with
the Works Cited page, your paper should be at least four pages in
length. Cite a minimum of two sources. Because this essay is an
argument, a paper in which you will be supporting a position, make sure
that your paper includes the following:

– a clearly stated thesis or claim
– an explanation of your position that should include
– an acknowledgement of the other perspective (What arguments do people who disagree with your position make?) AND
– a rebuttal of the other perspective (How do you respond to the arguments made by those who disagree with you?)

through all of the material in this lesson and complete all assignments
before submitting your final draft to the Turnitin drop box. When you
do submit to Turnitin, please be sure that your similarity index stays
below 24%. Any paper having a similarity index above 24% is considered
plagiarized and will receive a failing grade. Also, please bear in mind
that 24% similarity is allowed for quoting of material from sources. If
you do use wording from a source, quote that wording and cite the source
in a parenthetical or in-text citation in your paper and then list the
source at the end of your paper in the Works Cited page. Remember to use
the heading and formatting guidelines for MLA (found in this lesson and
in the “Getting Started” folder). If you do not use MLA format for your
paper, I will not grade it.

grading your papers, I will be looking at how well you have established
your claim or thesis, how well you have developed your ideas, and how
well you have cited your sources both within your text and in the final
page of your paper, the Works Cited page. In terms of grammar, I am not
looking for perfection, but the essay must be readable and free of
grammatical and mechanical errors that distract the reader.

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