doing schedule for three day food same as that upload I will post it

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  • Choose 3 days; recommended to use 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day but you can use any 3 days, they do not need to be consecutive.
  • Write down everything that you eat and drink for each of the 3 days- there is a separate form for each day. If you need to use more than one page to record all of your foods and beverages, please be sure to label it as Day 1 cont.
  • Be as specific as possible when you describe each food.
  • Be accurate in determining amounts eaten.
    • If possible, use a measuring cup and measuring spoons to make your records more accurate.
    • Information from labels can also be very helpful.
  • Write 1 food and/or beverage in each of the numbered rows on the ‘Daily Record of Diet’ pages
  • You will need to break down mixed dishes (pizza, casseroles, tacos, salads …) and estimate the amount of each main component separately (crust, cheese, sauce, …
  • For help with amounts and to understand how to do conversions use the “Commonly Used Weights, Measures and Metric Conversion Factors” in the inside back cover of the textbook. Example: How many fl. oz are in a cup? 8 fl. oz

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