Don Quixote John Donne’s poetry Andrew Marvell’s poetry The Story of the Stone The Narrow Road to the Deep North

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In paragraph form, answer the 6 out of the 10 questions for each of the literary works listed below. There are five of them.

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Literary Works:

Don Quixote

John Donne’s poetry (in general)

Andrew Marvell’s poetry (in general)

The Story of the Stone

The Narrow Road to the Deep North


  1. Who is speaking? To whom? In private or in public?
  2. What is the speaker’s attitude toward the matter he or she is relating?
  3. What does the writer think of the speaker?
  4. Does the speaker undergo any change or growth? Do any other characters?
  5. What is the effect of the way that the work begins? Of the way it ends?
  6. What are the principal recurring elements in the work?
  7. What kind of world (setting, society, cosmos) is portrayed or implied in the work?
  8. How does the work resemble other works you have read – both in this course and elsewhere? How does it significantly differ?
  9. In what ways is your paraphrase an inadequate restatement of the original?
  10. How is the way the work is written related to what is written about? The implications of the metaphors? The effect of meter, rhyme, alliteration?

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